Still Not Getting It

 Apparently GM is going to bring back the Nomad nameplate for Chevy, rebadging the GMC Acadia. Let's see, that would mean the same vehicle would be sold by GMC, Buick, Saturn, and now Chevy. Hell, let's bring out an Oldsmobile version while we're at it. There should be ONE version of this vehicle, not four. And what's up with a GMC version, I thought Buick, Pontiac, and GMC were supposed to be semi-merged, what's the point of having two of the same vehicle in one dealership?

History Repeats

 Remember when Dodge brought out the Tomohawk concept motorcycle? A Viper engine in a motorcycle chassis with a projected top speed of 400 mph, what gearhead couldn't not love it? It came out of nowhere, showing that Chrysler engineering has a mean streak a mile wide

 Turns out there's a bit of a history behind the Tomohawk that not many people know about. Once upon a time, 1934 to be exact, Plymouth supplied one of it's six cylinder engines to Fred Luther, a Californian attempting to break 300 mph on a motorcycle.

 The full story is at With the fate of Chrysler now hanging in the balance, it would be a shame to see a company with such a rich history go the way of so many before it.

It's Saturday

 Some saturday video fun.

Turn Up The Speakers

I don't care what you think of Ferrari, this commercial is an auditory work of art! Makes me wanna go for a drive.

Ginsu Drift

Take one knife and one drift car and what do you have? Why, a cucumber slicer, of course.
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