Back To 1981

  Let's get this blog back in business!  We'll start with a commercial for the 1981 D&D Basic Set (Click Here for a higher quality version. Embedding disabled for this one, WTF).  

  Now my memory may be a little fuzzy, but I sure don't remember a dragon in the Caves of Chaos, do you? And really, could the players and DM be any nerdier?  Probably not, as this group (except for the girls.... where were these women when I was growing up?  Not at our table!) was just about spot on for the group of friends I played with at the time.

  Funny how the commercial makes the statement that your options are limited, fight or run away.  Kinda defeats the whole point of using your imagination, because I can think of several other options.  It is nice, though, that running away is mentioned, as you would never hear this in a commercial for a current RPG (Run away?  But I'm the hero of this story!).

  I think "USE YOUR LIGHTNING BOLT" is going to be the war cry for an NPC my players are going to meet, just to mess with them!


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