Good Old Days?

 I'd say referring to 1990 as the good old days is a little premature, but Autoblog points to an article about the effect modern technologies such as ABS, traction control, and such have had on drivers.

 One volunteer tried to drive the slalom course at what would have been a comfortable speed in his LSD-equipped Impreza and spun out. “The BMW was completely raw,” said the Impreza owner after the test. “It was impossible to keep in line. It was like driving a bus.”

 I'd comment on this, but I don't own a single vehicle with any traction control devices except my feet, hands and senses. Do people really get used to these electronic helpers, or is it just a case of being in an unfamiliar vehicle. A truer test would been to have put the volunteer drivers in the same car they are used to, but wihout the electronic wonders active.
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