TSR 5501 Star Frontiers Player Characters

  This set from1983 is a decent starter set for a Star Frontiers campaign, but the title is a little misleading.  Called Player Characters, this set of twelve figures includes two Sathar, which are assuredly not PC's in the Star Frontiers game.  That doesn't mean that a creative GM couldn't have Sathar PC's, just that other figures would probably been more appropriate.

  You get two each of Yazirians, Vrusk, and Dralasites, one with, and one without spacesuits.  There are four humans, three males and one female, but the human in a spacesuit that is rocketing off the surface is just about useless.  Yes, it looks nice, but as a playing piece it's utility is limited.  It's nice to see the scale of the different races, (the Sathar are HUGE), especially the Vrusk.  

  The figures are average in their presentation, with no real standout among the lot.  Personally, I would have liked to have seen the Sathar and the rocket dude replace with more PC oriented figures, which would have pushed the utility of the set up a notch or two.  It's a great set if you can get it cheap.

Three of Five Overall


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