The Armor Class Debate

  Is descending armor class better than ascending? Is it easier on a gamer's fragile little mind to use addition or subtraction?  Is it easier to compare numbers that are close in value or very different in value?  Are round numbers easier to compare than odd numbers?  The debate rages on, and probably will forever.

  I'm no mathematician, in fact I have always had trouble with math.  I just don't do it like everyone else (if I'm adding 1469 to 1762 I start with the thousands, then the hundreds, then the tens, then the single digits.  Yes, I know it's wrong. Yes, I know it's harder.  I don't care, it's how my brain works, and you have to go with what you have.).  Personally I couldn't care less what method someone uses (my preference is THAC0), what's really important is this...

  The man-lizrd brushed aside Grimslade with a mighty swipe of it's ragged sword.  The magician never even finished his spell, and as he slumped against the wall, quickly losing consciousness, the final image he saw was the wretched beast barreling down on poor Thodric, the lowly torch bearer.

  Thodric pulled forth his dagger, his only weapon of any consequence.  As the brute charged with a furious shout, he hurled the blade with every ounce of strength and resolve he had.  The rest of the party was down, either passed out from their wounds, or worse, ... dead.  If he failed, then their condition was no matter.  Death would come for them all.

  Bobby grabbed the d20. "What do I need to hit?" , he said.

  "You need at least a 15", came the reply.

  The die rolled across the table,  six pairs of eyes following every bounce and tumble.  The fate of the party rested on this single roll, and the anticipation hung in the air like a thick fog.

  With it's energy spent, the die stopped, the numeral 17 emblazoned on it's top surface.  A shout and cheers rose up from all around the table. 

  Thodric pulled his dagger out of the man-lizard's corpse.  It took some effort, as the blade had bit deep into the creature's flesh.  "Now where does that cleric keep her healing salve?" he thought as he stumbled over to the survivors.

  My players don't care what mathematical formula I use for Armor Class and attack rolls.  They just wanna know what number needs to show when they roll that d20.


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