Grenadier 2013: Adventuring Party

  This set has two versions, each exactly the same.  The earlier version is from Grenadier's D&D line, while the later version (The Adventurers of the Golden Quest)  is labeled as part of their Dragon Lords series once T$R decided to manufacture their own line of miniatures and took away Grenadier's license.  The D&D version has the superior artwork, though in this case that's not saying much.  The fighter is using his two-handed sword to ... trim the bushes?  Inquiring minds want to know.

  The Dragon Lords box shows a close-up of the half-elf, who is having the worst hair day of his career.  Is the Golden Quest for some conditioner and magic hair spray?  If this is what happens when an elf and a human mates, then no wonder there are no quarter-elves running around.  An evolutionary dead end and fashion faux pas in one package.  The gods really are cruel.

  The inserts are about the same, but the Dragon Lords version comes with a nifty bonus, a product endorsement from one of the founders of D&D, Dave Arneson himself!

 I have many problems with the individual figures themselves. The dwarf looks too tall(and no visible beard!?),  the monk has his face covered like a ninja, the halfling looks more monk than the monk, and then there's Choff.  She is supposed to be a ranger, though her helmet looks like something she borrowed from the kitchen.  And she is flat chested, I mean FLAT chested.  If the insert didn't say so, who would know she's a woman?

  Now, Mr. Hedge Trimmer is done very nice, and the other figures are of Grenadier's usual nice quality, but I just don't picture this as  a set many people would get to use a lot.  Your money is probably better spent elsewhere, unless you have a thing for flat chested women, then this is right up your alley.  And remember, It's Dave Arneson approved!
2 Stars Overall


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