The Wish Book

  To have these days back again, when a kid could look in the Sears WishBook Christmas catalog and find D&D there in all it's glory...

  The Mentzer Basic and Expert sets, The DMG, PHB, MM, and MM II (apparently even Sears didn't like the Fiend Folio!), and even miniatures!  Now throw in Star Frontiers. Traveller, and Star Fleet Battles, all with miniatures!?

  And then you turn the page and find the Stat Trek RPG and Space Opera!  Sears was awesome (to use the parlance of the times) back in the day!  But, like all fads, it had to come crashing down.  The 1985 catalog was notable for it's total lack of D&D goodness, never mind any other RPG goodies.

  You could still get Crossbows and Catapults though!  Yeah., I had the same reaction too.


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