Hot Elf Chick - Welcome To The OSR

Hot Elf Chick

  A lot has changed since 1974, when the original edition of Dungeons & Dragons first came out.  If you have fond memories of playing D&D back in the day, a new player who just isn't feeling the direction that 4th Edition D&D has gone, or are someone who has never played the game before, we welcome you to the OSR - Old School Renaissance.  Here's some links to what the whole movement is about, and if some of the acronyms or terms seem a little confusing at first (0E? BECMI?), take a look at my Old School Renaissance Acronym Glossary & Dictionary.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess!

More Hot Elf Chicks, of Another Variety


James said...

Great HEC post!

Spawn of Endra said...

I love your hot elf chicks! So sweet to see it going another direction ... and still involve lubricants. Jolly good.

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