Cedar Point In 1969

  I can't look at a well done map without being transported in my mind to the location depicted.  My imagination takes the elements presented and fleshes them out, like looking at a framed house and seeing it completed as a home, curtains in the windows and all.   There's a magic to superbly crafted maps, something the captures the very  essence of a place at a certain time.  No matter the changes that may occur over time, the snapshot a map provides freezes time itself, if only in our imaginations.

  Today's map is of Cedar Point amusement park in 1969.  It's huge, 6592 x 4197, but so worth the effort to peruse it's contents in detail.  This is a time before Cedar Point became the huge Thrill Park it is now, when a family could enjoy a more relaxed excursion.  If you've been to Cedar Point anytime in the last decade, you'll be amazed at what used to be, and while I never went there until the mid-seventies, it was much as this map depicts.  Enjoy your stroll in the past, I certainly did!


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