Len Lakofka's Pyrologist

  Len Lakofka put out a fanzine in the Seventies about the Diplomacy board game called Liaisons Dangereuses, and by 1976 there were articles about OD&D being published.  One, in issue #74, was about a sub-class of magic-user called the Pyrologist.  I've been working on updating the class for my Rhymargg campaign, as it fits one of the historical figures very well.

  What's interesting is the strong clerical connection with the class, and there is even a healing spell (cure burns) in the available spell list.  I'm thinking of adding several cleric spells to the Pyrologists's repertoire, to keep that connection alive, since there is no multiclassing in B/X D&D.

  I also need to come up with another name for the class.  Pyrologist is just too Roman for my tastes.  Any ideas?


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