Si Habla Scion?

 In a move to counter Toyota's Scion division, Nissan announced two new models coming in 2007. A hatchback based off the Sport Concept concept car, and a sedan. Two Japanese models were considered, the Cube and the Tiida, but were rejected. The new models will be built in Mexico.

 The Tiida was rejected as being too Japanese, but it's more likely it's too boring. Looks like a melted Toyota Matrix.

 The Cube is the model they should bring over. Even funkier than the Scion xB, I think it would sell well, but apparently Nissan thinks it's too small.

 I think it would be a winner!

Going Where No Satellite Has Gone Before

 Harley-Davidson announced it's new Sreamin' Eagle Ultra Classic Electra Glide (that's a mouthful!) model will come standard with XM satellite radio. Owner's get three months of service free. No more listening to the local AM stations while you're cruising in the middle of nowhere.

The Future's So Bright, Again

 Hella, the light manufacturer, has won an award for it's LED headlamp. Expect to see this on cars before the decade is out. Due to the durability of LED's, you may never have to change your headlight again!

2 Swift, 2 Furious

 Brought to you by the guys at comes a parody of 2 Fast 2 Furious, called 2 Swift, 2 Furious, something to give you a little chuckle on a Sunday.


 The '71-'74 Toyota Corolla, lovingly known as the mango body because of it's shape, is the subject of Tom Carter's website. This is probably one of the cleanest examples on the road.

 Tom has plenty of information on what he's done to his Corollas, with links to sites for parts, a handy reference. I also love the section on Performance Driving and Safety On The Road.

 Now that's a clean engine bay!

Stylish SUV

  Fiat is introducing an SUV, developed with help from Suzuki. Based on the new Swift, which has received good reviews, it's a shame we won't see it here in the USA.

Dennis Deferrals

  Ford and Mazda credit are offering customers in eleven counties declared as federal disaster areas due to hurricane Dennis two month deferrals. It's not much if your house has been blown away, but it will definitely help.

New Models

  Buell announced two new models for 2006, the Ulysses and the Lightning Long. The Ulysses is an adventure style bike along the lines of the Triumph Tiger, new territory for Buell. The Lightning Long is an extended version of the Lightning, stretched to improve comfort. This brings Buell up to eight models for 2006. After all the bad news about the domestic auto industry, it's nice to see one of the home team being successful.

Sales Figures

 The effect of the Employee Discount programs is turning out to be increased market share for the Big 3, with sales for the month of July up dramatically, but this is a silver cloud with a dark lining. GM is up 42%, Ford 27%, and Chrysler up 11%, but instead of hurting the sales of the Japanese Big 3, their sales are also up, Toyota at 17%, Nissan at 16%, and Honda at 22%.

 What thi means is that people who were originally going to buy a domestic model anyways bought their car earlier than they originally planned, but conquest sales didn't happen. Look for a big drop in August sales when the discount programs end. As Homer Simpson would say, "D'oh!"
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