There's No Future In Futura

 Looks like Ford can't use the the Futura name for it's upcoming Taurus replacement. Gee, I dunno, what's wrong with calling it Taurus? Oh, that's right, it doesn't start with "F"! Yeah, let's take a well known brand name, and replace it with a name from the 50's that just sounds old and out of date because some marketing genius decided the car will sell better if the name starts with "F".

 Someone in Dearborn just doesn't understand the value of an established name. If Honda was to rename the Civic so it would start with an "H", or Toyota decided the Corolla needed a name that started with "T", they would be abandoning over 30 years of brand recognition. The Taurus name has been part of the automotive landscape since 1986. It's not something Ford should just abandon. And Detroit wonders why people are not as brand loyal as they used to be?


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