Mystery Dice

  I recently won some old dice on an eBay auction, and in the group were these three d8s.

  They are about 1.5 times the size of a regular Gamescience or Chessex d8, with the yellow one numbered 1-8, the orange going from 2-9, and the blue is 10-17!  Anyone know where these dice are from? 


A Paladin In Citadel said...

No idea. But they are very cool. I understand the 2-9, not sure I get the 10-17.

Billiam Babble said...

Random post crash:
At first I thought that they were "averaging" dice. The trick would be working out which spread of normal dice work they simulate - but they just seem like straight forward d8s built in with a regular modifier.
1-8 zero, 2-9 d8+1, 10-17 d8+9
I can't even think of any games built on a d8. Must be wargame? A boardgame - pocket roulette? The 10-17 die would be useful for rolling up 3d6 stats for D&D though. :)
Nice blog btw.

Billiam Babble said...

Oops. Just realised that
1d8 + 9
Could be a sort of 3d8, because 4.5 is the average number rolled on a d8.
So it's 1to8 + 4.5 + 4.5 = 10to17
3d8 range is 3to24 with a average result of 13to14 (13.5). So your d8+9 provides a range that's 3 points below and higher than the average spread. (ish)
Does this make any sense at all?

J G Halmayr said...

I just can't come up with a reason why you would want a die marked 10-17. Billiam's right though, it would be a cool cheater die for ability scores!

Auz said...

These are very cool the most common roll of d8 + (d8+1) is 10 (12.5%) and the lowest value of the one d8 10. Also the sum of the highest numbers 8+9 is 17 wich is the highest number on the d8!

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