Adventures In Rhymargg Session 6, Norgard's Daughter

Roll Call
Auric the Warrior (1st Level Fighter)
Grimslade the Magician (1st Level Magic-User)
Indel the Wiley (1st Level Thief)
Saren the Wise (1st Level Cleric)
Tirra the Quick (1st Level Thief)
Valerius the Brave (1st Level Fighter)
4 Men-at Arms (Mersa<female>, Relric, Unloc, Dorin <dwarf>)
5 Bearers (Partik, Kalus, Thodric, Samloc, and Relstad)

The Story So Far
  As out adventurers approached the doorway behind which the goblins had Norgard's daughter captive, a blood-curdling scream that turned into a howl was heard.  Before the portal could be opened, the cries of dying goblins then silence came next.  Entering the natural cavern, a scene of horror greeted the players.  Two goblins lay eviscerated on the floor, between them was a large creature, covered in coarse hair with a wolf-like head, clothed in the tattered remains of a dress.  Guessing that this was Deliana, Norgard's daughter, transformed into a werewolf, the party hesitated, not sure of what action to take.  The werewolf had no such compulsion, and viciously tore into poor little BP (the goblin bagpipe player the PC's were using as a guide), tearing the poor creature in two.

 Not exactly sure how to use it, Grimslade the magician boldly approached the werewolf with a sprig of wolfsbane, hoping it would have an effect.  It did, and the werewolf morphed into a human female and collapsed on the ground.  She was indeed Norgard's daughter, and had been journeying to Elendom with her grandfather when they were ambushed by the goblins.

  Two days ago she was attacked by a large wolf as it killed the livestock on Norgard's farm.  Fearing that the wolf was more than it appeared, her grandfather decided that Brother Faudron in Elendom was her only chance to avoid lycanthropy.  Now with her father and grandfather dead, poor Deliana did not know what to do.

  After spending the rest of the night holed up in Grokkus' chamber, the party journeyed on to Norgard's farm.  Deliana, after much consoling, decided to join the party after Saren, Tirra, and Mersa convinced her that she could be more than just a poor farmer.  Setting out for the town of Elendom,  the journey was uneventful.

  It was almost sunset when the party arrived in Elendom.  After a well-earned night's rest at the inn, the party was directed to Zundus Dashaver, the town scribe and historian.  There were questions to be answered about the sword the party had found in the ruins of Zenopus' tower, plus the ivory wizard figurine.  Grokkus' short sword also needed investigation, as it was not of goblin origin, and the runes carved into the blade might offer a clue to it's secrets.

  Zundus recognized the long sword from local legends, being forged by the elves long ago to combat Avissar Fire-eye, a long dead wizard who despoiled the lands around Elendom.  It's abilities are not known, but there elvish script on the blade that only shows up after the sword has been immersed in flame.  Zundus translated the text, Maegnas Aen Ester Lhach Dae, Dagnir In Nar Im,  "Flame Shadow is my name, for I am the fire's bane".

More to come...


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