Coloring The Dungeon

  So I had this weird dream two nights ago.  The internet was one huge dungeon, and each room was a different website.  I was in Grognardia when James M. realized that we were being spied upon by Illithids in the ceiling (yeah, made no sense to me either).  James decided to abandon "Grognardia Red", as he called it, for "Grognardia Blue", another room that looked the same, except for the colors.  In Grognardia Red, everything was either a shade of red, or black, and in Grognardia Blue everything was, of course,  either blue or black.

  The colors were not garish or bright, instead being very muted and subtle, and even though each room was furnished exactly the same, the color difference really affected the mood and tone.  This started me thinking of color in dungeons.  Usually shades of grey or brown, I thought of how my players would react to a room like Grognardia Red, and I think they'd be freaking out.  They'd just "know" there would have to be a reason everything was red, even if there wasn't. 

  I may have to try this out next session on a random dungeon room. 


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