Old School Renaissance Acronym Glossary & Dictionary, Part 4


  RC - Rules Cyclopedia.

  Retro-Clone - A replica of an out-of-print game, usually based on a previous version of D&D, but not limited to that.  Many retro-clones take advantage of the OGL.

  RQ - RuneQuest

  Rules Cyclopedia - A compilation of the D&D Basic BECMI ruleset in hardcover format.


    S&W - Swords & Wizardy.

  Sandbox - A style of campaign play where there is no pre-scripted plot the players are guided to, rather the actions of the players help determine the direction the campaign takes.

  SRD - System Reference Document, a compilation of OGC released onder the OGL by WotC.

  Swords & Wizardry - An 0E D&D retro-clone.


  WotC - Wizards of the Coast, the current owners and publishers of Dungeons & Dragons.

  That's all I've found so far.  If anyone knows of any more that should be on the list, just let me know!


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