Just read an article about how auto manufacturers define consumers into generations, and apparetly I'm a generation X'er. That's anyone age 26 to 37, then there's Gen Y (6 to 25 years old ), and apparently we're hard to market to. Here's how we're defined. See if you agree..

Generation Y

Who they are: Often called echo boomers, they crave technology, music and the Internet and they remain loyal to brands. But as an emerging consumer group, they remain difficult to label, though they are the savviest of all shoppers.

What they drive: Used cars and trucks, Mitsubishi, VW.

Generation X

Who they are: Raised on "Beverly Hills, 90210" and Grunge Rock, they shop at The Gap and Urban Outfitters. Difficult to market because they defy labels.

What they drive: Pickups, Subaru.


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