Humble Beginnings

  We've started a new campaign, one I'm calling Rhymargg (more on the name later), sandbox style and using the B/X D&D ruleset, of course with some house rules.  Right now I have three players, all newbies to RPG's, so things are going slowly, but it's great fun to watch them figure things out.

  The characters are all human, Valerius the fighter, Saren the cleric,and Indel the thief.  There's a fourth, Grimslade the magic-user, controlled by me and ready as a backup should someone else join.  All are pre-gens to help things along, and ease the shock should one of them fall prey to the dangers of the dungeon.  Bonus points if you recognize the names from the old D&D ads in Marvel comics!  I went with one of each of the four archetypes to introduce everyone to the four basic styles of characters right off.  Of course they have some henchmen, two men-at-arms and two torch bearers for assistance.

I'll detail how the adventures going, and highlight some of the house rules we're using, as the campaign develops.  Right now the first session involved exploring two rooms, and fighting six goblins that almost resulted in a total party kill right off!  Baby steps, as they say.

  About the name Rhymargg, I based it on the main inspirations I'm using for the campaign, being GYgax, ARneson, Holmes, Moldvay, Mentzer, and GReenwood.  Sorry Moldvay and Mentzer, but you have to share an M, just couldn't make it work with two M's.


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