Pandora's Dice Wheel

  Over the years there have been many alternatives to using dice to generate random numbers.  The Holmes Edition of D&D was famous for it's use of chits, due to the Great Dice Shortage of the late 1970's.  Plastered in every issue of Dragon Magazine I used to own were ads for the Dragonbone Electronic Dice Wand, which one of the players in our group actually owned.  It just wasn't, of course, as nice as using actual dice, and it only made a brief appearance in our games.
  Nowadays you can download virtual dice rollers for your desktop, smartphone and tablet, and there's even one that mimics the Dragonbone perfectly, called Dungeonbone.  There is another replacement for dice that had ads in Dragon magazine, but I've never seen one.  It's called Pandora's Dice Wheel.
  What's interesting is that it has a very tactile component, turning the wheel, and the lack of a tactile component to most dice replacements is usually the main reason they're not used too much.  I wonder if spinning the wheel is just as satisfying as rolling the bones?  Anyone ever use one of these?


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