More Than I Hoped For

I've had the Probe for almost two days now. It's better than I thought it would be. For $600.00 it was a steal. Here's what's needed to be repaired or replaced...

CV Joints (Knew that before I bought it)

Driver side sun visor (some foam has disintegrated)

Windshield wiper unit (has a short in it, don't always shut off)

Driver side door speaker (doesn't work)

Radio (lights work except station display)

Power antenna (does not function)

Passenger side rear marker light (out)

Backup indicator lights (both out)

Minor body damage (small dent on front bumper, driver side headlight, passenger side rear fender)

New paint job (faded)

Rear tires (need replaced)

Brakes (rotors need turned)

Mechanically she's great, not a problem found. I can't find any rust. Handling is superb for a base model. She's just a wonderful car.

My ego, of course, has shot up several levels. No, I'm not going to be drag racing any Corvettes, she's not that fast, but the acceleration is good enough for me right now. All she really needs is a five-speed manual transmission.


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