Generation Gap

 Two things occured to me recently. I was reading an FAQ on Gran Turismo, and the writer's recommendations for best cars did not include any rear-wheel drive vehicles. Why? Because they are too hard to handle, said the author. This seemed strange to me. Being able to slide out the rear-wheels at will sure makes it easier to get around the turns, or at least I think so. Then I realized the author was probably younger than me, and probably never drove a rear-wheel drive car in his life.

 My first car was a Ford Granada, and my second was a Toyota Supra, both RWD. Growing up in Ohio, learning how to drive RWD cars in the snow, and sliding the rear wheels out in a turn was a natural part of the driving experience. For many people younger than me, those born in the eighties, FWD is all they have known. Dad's Camry, Mom's Accord, Uncle Larry's Taurus, these three cars have dominated the sales charts for so long that most youngsters only know FWD, and automatic trannies. If they only knew what they were missing.

 I started a new job yesterday, and have seven weeks of training to go through. One of the first things we did was interview each other so we could know a little bit about the memebers. There's fifteen of us in the class, and one of the questions was "What is your dream car?". One said Corvette, two votes for Porsche, two muscle car votes, and two Beemers. Every one else (except me) wanted some kind of SUV. We're talking dream cars, and these people want an oversized station wagon! And not one of them at least said Porsche Cayenne! Better treasure the performance cars on the market today, theyr'e a dying breed.

 What did I choose? A 1986 Toyota MR2, 5-speed, red (the color God intended it to be)!


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