Time Travel

  Two days ago I received a shipment from eBay. It's a complete set of Car and Driver issues, 91-92. I've been reading each issue, and it's been like a journey back through time. The early nineties were truly a great era for enthusiasts. Just look at what was available.

 Mercury Capri XR2 - Not as good as the Miata, but much more attractive now on the used car market.

 Geo Metro Convertible - Convertible for those on a tight budget.

 Nissan Sentra SE-R - Nissan hits one out of the ballpark.

 BMW 325i - The new 3 series were stunners, and still look good today.

 Dodge Spirit RT - A nice effort by Chrysler before the LH sedans came out.

 Ford Taurus SHO - Proving that a Taurus does not have to be boring.

 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 - aww yeah.

 Nissan NX2000 - A Sentra SE-R for those who want to be more stylish.

 Lotus Carlton - Never available here, but wonderfuul nonetheless.

 Dodge Stealth and Mitsubishi 3000GT - Mitsubishi really hit their stride in the early nineties.

 Lexus SC400 - Lexus makes a car with passion!

 BMW 850i - Not great, but still desireable.

 Mazda MX-3 - A 1.8 liter V-6, Mazda proves they're still strange.

 Lotus Elan - A FWD Lotus? Who would of believed it.

 Nissan 300ZX - Still one of the best ever sports cars ever made.

 Toyota Celica GTS - Not everyone liked it, but I think the design was the sexiest Celica ever.

 GMC Syclone - GMC goes crazy on us. Someone at GM has passion!

 Subaru SVX - Never caught on, but Subaru built a true GT car.

 Nissan Maxima - When Nissan referred to it as the 4-door sports car, and it was true.

 Mazda RX-7 - Mazda took the RX-7 back to it's roots, and made a true sports car.

That's just the '91 issues, but you have to admit that performance was the main course during the early nineties. Before the SUV crowded onto center stage, there were cars in every price range that spoke to the enthusiast. I miss those times.


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