Happy Halloween

Drift Event

 Check out SouthEast Drift Association for more details. I'll be there, but only from the sidelines since I don't have a RWD vehicle at the moment.

The Next Scion xA?

 Scion's little xA, a competent little car, has not exactly lit the sales charts on fire.

 The xB stole it's thunder at launch, and now there's the tC stealing the limelight. I know what the next xA should be, something that would solidify Scion's image as the hip car company, and it's an older Toyota model. It was never imported into the US, even though Car and Driver virtually begged Toyota to bring it over. Know what it is? It's the Sera, of course!

 Imagine a two-door xA with those doors, and tell me it wouldn't be a hit.

Best Car Commercial Ever

 Since I posted about Pontiac's G6 commercial, it reminded me of the best one I've ever seen. Pontiac ran an ad showing one of it's cars driving across a desolate landscape, sliding through turns with abandon. Behind the wheel was a woman wearing dark sunglasses, with a man in the passenger seat. At the end of the commercial the car stops, and as she gets out of the driver's seat she grabs her white cane. She's blind and the man took her out so she could drive the car and feel what it was like. Friggin' awesome concept! Anyone know where there is a downloadable version of the commercial?

Building Excitement

 The new Pontiac G6 coupe commercial is one of my favorites, perfectly capturing the essence of a sporty coupe in the music and visuals. For once, you can actually find out what the music is, as Pontiac now has a music section on their website. There is even a link to buy the song at Virgin Digital. For all the bad news about GM, they do get some things right.

Please Bring It Here

 Nissan has a microsite up for the GT-R Proto, the concept car for the upcoming skyline GT-R. There's not really much there, just a few wallpapers as of now, but at least you get a glimpse. Not so sore about the styling, looks great from the back, but the front could use some work. Best thing I can say right now is that it's not just a warmed over 350z. Now all that remains is to see if it's brought over to the USA. Many are saying it will be an Infiniti, but I think it makes more sense as a Nissan.

Those Crazy Japanese!

I have not the words to describe this.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

 There's a car I've been seeing a lot more of recently. Every time I turn around I another one pops up, bright and cheery. It's not a car that gets a lot of press attention. It's the Chevrolet Aveo.

 I don't know if someone actually decided to bring the Aveo over because they predicted the rise of a gallon of go-go juice, or if it was just a happy coincidence for GM, but talk about the right car at the right time! The first eight months of the year saw sales of 47,947 units, a 48.7% increase over 2004, the first year the Aveo was available. Wow, GM actually made a smart move!

Rotary Diversion

 For a sunday diversion check out iluvmyrx7.com, a site full of Mazda RX7 pictures, article scans, manuals, and how-to's. Nothing like reading an old article from the Car and Driver to get a perspective on today.

It Taks All Kinds

 My parents used to own a 1985 Toyota Van, that weird wedge thing with the engine under the front seats.

 There's a web resource for this vehicle, ToyotaVanPeople.com, and they also cover the Previa and Sienna. Not much there, but it's a start if you're into these vehicles. While not exactly an enthusiasts firsy choice in vehicles, there's a soft spot in my heart for 'em, and driving it was a ball with the seats pushed all the way up to the front.
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