Video Sunday

 Since it's sunday, we'll take a trip down memory lane courtesy of YouTube. First up is an old Toyota commercial from 1985.

 Again from 1985, it's the commercial that introduced the MR2.

 It's the Punch it Margeret! Camry commercial. We still say this today in my family whenever my Mom gets on the gas!

 Nissan had some great commercials for the Z, here's two of the best.

 Acura did a better job promoting the Integra as a sports car than a luxury car, and the tradition continues with the RSX>

 One of my all-time favorites, it's the Nissan Maxima Top Gun pigeons, from the 1997 Superbowl!

 And finally, something not car related, but it is relevant to this website. The Dreamcast was the machine that first connected me to the internet.


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