Keeping Tempo

 The Tempo may no longer belong to me, but she's still a part of my life. She belongs to my best friend Wildvines. I never named her, but with Bobby at the helm one has been chosen. Baby 'tang (Mustang). If you squint while looking at her, it's possible to imagine that you're seeing a Mustang, and Bobby certainly drives her like she is one.

 I'm a decent driver, but I'm not comfortable pushing a vehicle to their limits. Wildvines lives at the limits. Baby tang's speedo only goes up to 85 MPH, so most of the time we're not certain of our rate of progress. If ever there was proof that the driver makes more of a difference than the car, this would be it. Mustangs, Corvettes, V6 Cougars, and even a Porsche have underestimated Bobby, to their chagrin. From a standing start it's no contest, Baby 'tang doesn't have the horses to stay ahead, but on the interstate it's another story.

 Speed is important, of course, but if you're not looking ahead and predicting the flow of traffic you will become ensnared behind the slower vehicles. Fortunately for Wildvines, most people lack this ability, and are perplexed when an innocous looking Tempo is able to get by them. As long as there's traffic, Wildvines will have the upper hand 90% of the time.

 Don't mess with the Baby 'tang.


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