Two's Company, Four's A Crowd

 Look underneath the Ride logo up there, at the list fo cars I've owned (OK, and one truck). There's one thing in common amongst them. Can you guess what it is? Time's up!

 Each one only had two doors. There's not a 4-door sedan among the lot, and it's a concious decision. Practicality is not one of the traits I look for in a vehicle, in fact it's at the bottom of the list of "must-have" features. Yes, four doors do make it easier to haul your friends around, but besides that I see no practical reason for them. My Probe, Storm, and Supra are or were all hatchbacks, and I can carry a lot more in them than most sedans.

 Passengers are something I try to stay away from. I don't own people movers, I own machines of passion. Objects that connect to my soul in ways many people cannot fathom. To me, my cars are extensions of my physical being, tools that allow me to explore the spiritual side of life. To call them simply cars is to demean myself, an act of misunderstanding what they represent.

 I've probably lost many people by this point, but the few who've kept up know exactly what I mean. Life is meant to be lived, and that includes commute time.


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