I Am...

According to Googlism, I am...

mr2 is a comfortable car
mr2 is our answer to this interest
mr2 is neither authorized by nor affilated with toyota motor sales
mr2 is by far the best value for the money in the sports car industry
mr2 is a pretty noisy car anyway
mr2 is a roadster in the true tradition and features two seats in a very snug cabin with the engine mounted mid ship behind the seats
mr2 is aiming squarely at this market
mr2 is designed for the impulsive
mr2 is a pure sports car
mr2 is truly a unique vehicle and one of the sad casualties of the mid-nineties
mr2 is great fun
mr2 is a better car than $81
mr2 is the epitome of a sleeper
mr2 is undeniably well put together and beautifully engineered; the engines are long proven and the fit and finish is excellent
mr2 is great fun to drive
mr2 is going through a rejuvenation of it's own
mr2 is less powerful
mr2 is a cheeky little number
mr2 is still mine
mr2 is almost too comfortable
mr2 is a little more forgiving than the race cars for which these automated manual transmissions were devised
mr2 is indeed a safe car
mr2 is very popular in tarmac and rally racing all over the world
mr2 is changed
mr2 is scary in slippery weather
mr2 is meant to be driven with verve
mr2 is reasonably rapid
mr2 is already half way up that steep hill
mr2 is the less known brother of the toyota supra and this is the purpose as to why we built this website
mr2 is everything a roadster should be
mr2 is economical too
mr2 is a terrific place to start
mr2 is not trying to take either on directly
mr2 is a cracking little device
mr2 is supercharged if it has a sticker on the back that says "supercharged" on the left
mr2 is quite a noisy little beast
mr2 is an outstanding basis for professional tuning
mr2 is all about driving thrills
mr2 is becoming a very popular car
mr2 is slightly faster once spooled up
mr2 is a playful sport car with exuberant power
mr2 is back
mr2 is a true two
mr2 is a sheer joy to drive
mr2 is one of the most enjoyable cars you can buy
mr2 is pretty steady into the difficult sparkplug
mr2 is ready willing and able to rev quickly and often
mr2 is perhaps the most thrilling to drive
mr2 is deceptivley quick
mr2 is well equipped
mr2 is an amazing car

And this website, ride, is...

ride is leaving nasa after making major contributions
ride is here
ride is back
ride is only part of the weekend fun
ride is a great way to enjoy
ride is not enough
ride is supposed to be fun
ride is looking for recruits
ride is the reason
ride is anything but routine
ride is smoother now
ride is here
ride is unbelievable
ride is cosmic
ride is not a race
ride is a great way to enjoy winter in vermont
ride is half the fun
ride is a plan in motion
ride is available to you
ride is free
ride is over but then again you already knew that as financial reality thundered down upon the head of the dot
ride is faster than free fall
ride is safest means to school
ride is worth the labor
ride is smaller but still joyous
ride is in ducks guts
ride is upon us
ride is coming to town sat
ride is the place for all your watercraft and boating needs
ride is an appropriate way to encourage public transport use in perth
ride is about 45 to 50 minutes long
ride is what you're in search of
ride is over abilene mother has witnessed a metamorphosis by susie striegler
ride is smooth for most hokies
ride is getting faster and faster
ride is on


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