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  TX3/GTX Central...For loads of info on the Ford Laser, try this place. Makes you wanna cry that we didn't get it here.

Grass Is Always Greener

  For being the largest automotive market in the world, we sure get shafted a lot when it comes to cars. We got the Ford Escort GT, Australia got the Ford Laser TX3...torbocharged and AWD.

  This happens all the time, and I don't understand why. Every time a manufacturer brings out a niche vehicle here, it fails. Even the PT Cruiser is having sales woes. If it's not a mainstream sedan or SUV, it seems like it doesn't stand a chance in the US.

  Think of the Ford Focus SVT commercial where the parents take their son's car out for a midnight drive and get caught. It's a 4-door, fer chrissakes!

Useful Link about Ford/Mazda crossover vehicles, such as the Probe and Escort. Not much here right now, but seems to be growing.

I Am...

According to Googlism, I am...

mr2 is a comfortable car
mr2 is our answer to this interest
mr2 is neither authorized by nor affilated with toyota motor sales
mr2 is by far the best value for the money in the sports car industry
mr2 is a pretty noisy car anyway
mr2 is a roadster in the true tradition and features two seats in a very snug cabin with the engine mounted mid ship behind the seats
mr2 is aiming squarely at this market
mr2 is designed for the impulsive
mr2 is a pure sports car
mr2 is truly a unique vehicle and one of the sad casualties of the mid-nineties
mr2 is great fun
mr2 is a better car than $81
mr2 is the epitome of a sleeper
mr2 is undeniably well put together and beautifully engineered; the engines are long proven and the fit and finish is excellent
mr2 is great fun to drive
mr2 is going through a rejuvenation of it's own
mr2 is less powerful
mr2 is a cheeky little number
mr2 is still mine
mr2 is almost too comfortable
mr2 is a little more forgiving than the race cars for which these automated manual transmissions were devised
mr2 is indeed a safe car
mr2 is very popular in tarmac and rally racing all over the world
mr2 is changed
mr2 is scary in slippery weather
mr2 is meant to be driven with verve
mr2 is reasonably rapid
mr2 is already half way up that steep hill
mr2 is the less known brother of the toyota supra and this is the purpose as to why we built this website
mr2 is everything a roadster should be
mr2 is economical too
mr2 is a terrific place to start
mr2 is not trying to take either on directly
mr2 is a cracking little device
mr2 is supercharged if it has a sticker on the back that says "supercharged" on the left
mr2 is quite a noisy little beast
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mr2 is pretty steady into the difficult sparkplug
mr2 is ready willing and able to rev quickly and often
mr2 is perhaps the most thrilling to drive
mr2 is deceptivley quick
mr2 is well equipped
mr2 is an amazing car

And this website, ride, is...

ride is leaving nasa after making major contributions
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ride is on


  The Mini is the Car of the Year for 2003. They made one hell of a commercial to celebrate it!

Source: The Presurfer

The Choice

  Today I purchased another car. A 1994 Ford Escort LX. Here she is...

  First impressions are good. Decent handling and acceleration, good brakes, and a simple but endearing style. The car is in excellent shape, and was absolutely a steal at $710. I'm not in love yet, but I think it will happen.

  This is, of course, a happy occasion, but it also leads to a quandry. Sitting next to the Escort is my Ford Probe. There should also be a Geo Storm on the opposite side, but there isn't. The Storm is no more, after only a month in my possesion. I barely knew her, but in the brief time we shared the road she touched my soul. She was one hell of a car, and will be sorely missed.

  The Probe has been sitting in the same parking spot for over a month, motionless. The engine works, but the transmission doesn't. Last month she dies on my way home from work. A new ignition system ($625) and battery (drained from the emergency flashers being on overnight and no longer holding a charge, $40), and the Probe would start. She just wouldn't move. In addition, needed in the very near future are new CV joints (around $600) and new shocks and struts (about $400). Add in the estimated $1000 bill for the tranny, and you have a grand total 0f $2,665 to fix a car I purchased for $600 a year ago.

  Logic says it's not worth it. It would make more sense to get rid of the car than soldier on in the hope of fixing her. Repairing a transmission that I want to eventually replace with a manual is another strike against the Probe. Surely, Spock would say "Sell."

  But, the heart speaks just as loudly on the Probe's behalf. The car has been my faithful companion for a year now. There's beauty in the sheetmetal, even with the scrapes and bumps left by the previous owners, and underneath there's true beauty. The mechanical symphony that resonates from the engine bay, the interaction of the car and the road that feels so right (when the suspension's up to snuff), and the tactile feel of the human-vehicle interace that melds man and machine seamlessly. This car, this broken machinery, is something to preserve and cherise, says the heart.

  Hard numbers. Deep emotions. One choice. A decision I don't want to make.

Link Of The Day

Ford Escort Owners Association ... A forum for Escort owners. Better than most Yahoo groups concerning the Escort.

Cadillac's Balls

 You have to give Cadillac some credit. Their current designs fall under the "love-it-or-hate-it" school of design. Unfortunately, I hate it. It's one thing to use edges to accent a shape, it's another to think that edges can be the shape. It's like someone took a bunch of broken glass, glues it together randomly, and said "I'm done!".

 I don't believe the designers really like the design, they're just trying to make something stand out. If you want to compete with Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus, funky style alone will not do it. Look at any of the other three makes, and the style of the cars says luxury, without being audacious and flashy. Subtlety and style rule the design. Cadillac still has a long way to go.


 I've owned Gran Turismo 2 since it came out in 1999. I've never completed the game. That's about to change.
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