Deeper Meaning

 HondaKid's blog has a post about someone thinking there's no deeper meaning in cars. I have a perfect example of one, and it's a certain styling element on my Ford Probe. You look at the hood, and there's two bulges, where the shock towers are. Without the bulges, the towers would protrude above the hood. It's a blemish on an otherwise sleek design, and there's a story behind it.

 It's a story about the conflict between design, engineering, and cost control. Design wanted the sleek hood, cost control wanted off-the shelf shock parts, which meant engineering couldn't design shorter components to clear the hood. A compromise was achieved, and engineering had to design the bulges, instead of more compact shocks.

 Those bulges are a snapshot of the way life often works out, the things you have to do to achieve your goals, even though it may not turn out the way you hoped. Looking at my life, I can see plenty of "bulges" during my life. If it was good enoogh for Ford, I guess it can be good enough for me.


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