Toyota News

 Toyota has released some pics of it's upcoming vehicles recently, one a production vehicle, and the other a concept that gives a peek at the new full-size truck. Take a look.

 That's the Toyota FTX, a concept truck that gives the styling direction for the next Tundra. Looks pretty good to me, aggressive, distinctive, and tough enough to go toe-to-toe with Dodge, Ford, and Nissan. The Domestic boys better watch their back, with the Titan and a new Tundra on the way, the Japanese are finally competing in the final automotive frontier.

 This is Scion's new tC coupe. Finally, a car that should really appeal to younger buyers, unlike the xA and xB. No word on price yet, and the styling is, well, somewhat bland, but at least when Scion launches nationwide in June there will be a coupe in the line up. If the price is right I will have to seriously consider purchasing one.


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