I've always seen the Honda S2000 as a response to the Miata, and thought the styling was OK. But, I've never actually stood next to one, only seen them from afar. It's not until you stand right by one that the design really catches your eye. It's sleek and catlike, and blows the Miata's curves out of the water. The car has "presence", a style that envokes an emotional response, something not many cars do.

 I like the Miata. It's cute, and has a singular mission in life, but it's not a very manly style. The S200, on the other hand, oozes masculinity. It looks more like a wild animal, something that takes you along for the ride instead of you having to lead.

 That's the kind of car a sports car should be. Good job Honda! I never thought you had it in you.


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