Segway Into The Junkyard

 Shock and awe!! The Segway is doing terrible. You know that thing, the two wheel scooter that uses gyros to saty balanced while you ride it. It was supposed to change the world, revolutionize city transportation , and make the world a better place to live. Apparently 6,000 units have left a factory that can produce 40,000 a month. I'm shocked!

 When will people learn that you're just not going to replace cars with something that is less practical? If it can't do what a car does, and do it better, people will ignore it. Cars are a necessity, and all the feel-good planning that enviromentalists say will eliminate the need for automobiles won't change that.

 It doesn't matter how close you live to work, people are not going to ride down the street in the middle of winter on something that doesn't have a sealed cockpit!


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