The Puppy Dog

 The engine transplant on the Paseo is coming along nicely, the Probe is well on the way to recovery, and the Corolla SR5 should be ready for the road in a month. That leaves my daily driver, a '94 Ford Escort LX coupe. Once the Paseo is complete my roommate is buying the Escort, and I'm going to miss that car.

 It's far from being a driver's car, but it's an honest vehicle, reliable and always ready for a drive. She reminds me of a puppy, not always the most sure-footed thing, but always enthused for taking a little trip. She's the second Forzda I've owned, the chassis based on the Mazda 323, with Ford's 1.9L engine as the heart. The longest trip I've taken went from Nashville to Lexington, KY to pick up the Paseo, and she handled it superbly.

 She's been a great companion, and has performed well beyond my humble expectations for an Escort.


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