Add Another Brand To The Mix

 By 2006, each of GM's eight brands sold in the US will carry a GM logo in addition to the division logo. Since GM is marketing OnStar and StabiliTrak under the GM brand instead of each division marketing the features on their own, this makes sense.

 "The GM corporate name has a stronger public image than some of the brands that make up the company," said Joe Barker, with CSM Worldwide in Farmington Hills. "It tells consumers GM is backing this vehicle."

 I don't totally agree with that statement, I believe consumers will equate the GM logo as a maker of the features associated with it, not as a parent company that is "backing" that vehicle, kinda like the stickers Ricers put on their cars to let the world know who makes their exhaust, suspensions, and tires. Is that a good, or bad thing?


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