Being Nosey

 Finally saw one of GM's new minivans on the street a couple of days ago. The main styling feature is the nose, long and extended more than it has to be to simulate the look of an SUV, it doesn't work.

 I can understand the motive behind this, trying to ride the SUV bandwagon to increase sales, but this is not the direction I thought GM was going to go. Instead of looking like an SUV, they look like minivans with swollen noses. In fact, they remind me more of GM's first attempt at FWD minivans than new SUV's.

 I'm probably one of the fe who actually like the look of the original Trans Sport. They never lit the sales charts on fire, but it was a bold styling decision, a different route than the competition was taking, just like the current models. GM does not lack innovation, it's just the follow through that seems to fall short. Pushing the minivan mold to look more like an SUV is a smart move, but just a nose job does not get it done. The rest of the body just screams minivan, and the SUV look is lost before it even begins.


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