Finally, Some Good News

 The Pontiac Solstice is looking to be a hit. One thousand people have preordered the fist batch. It took only 41 minutes to sell out of this special edition model.

 For once I am enthused about a GM product. From all accounts the Solstice looks to be a winner, a vehicle Pontiac desperately needs to polish it's performance image. Unlike the Fiero, which was half-baked at the start, the Solstice is ready from the word go. It's an actual roadster, Frpm GM of all places!

 Unfortunately, I'm not convinced this will be a catalyst for the rest of the Pontiac line. It would be one thing if Pontiac was it's own seperate company, but being part of the conglomerate GM makes the chances slim that the spirit of the Solstice will infuse with Pontiac's other models. The shared platforms are all designed at the same time, instead of having Pontiac designers taking a platform and tweaking it to their needs, with no contact whatsoever with the Chevrolet or Buick teams. GM should have individual design centers for each brand, where the teams get the same basic platform but are free to go their own way. Then you would have people who work for the division, not GM.

 It'll never happen if GM's past is any indicator.


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