Damned If You Do...

 Showing once again that enviromentalists really don't get it, they're vowing to continue to fight the dual fuel vehicles program. Dual fuel vehicles can run on gasoline and another fuel, usualy ethanol, giving consumers the ability to use gasoline in case they can't find the alternative fuel. Problem is, apparently 99% of the time these cars are using gasoline "due to the lack of availability of other fuels."

 Somehow this is the fault of the automakers. They get a credit for CAFE for every dual fuel vehicle they sell, so they must be oppressing the availability of alternative fuels! The fault, as always happens in a free economy, lies with consumers. If there was a demand for alternative fuels, there would be more places to get the stuff. Logically wouldn't these groups efforts be better spent on educating consumers about the availability of dual fuel vehicles to create a demand for alternative fuels? Nah, it's easier to blame someone else and bitch about it than to actually do something about the problem.


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