SIze Does Matter

 Here at RIDE we believe cars should be fun. Our version of fun follows the less is more theory. The Mazda Miata is the classic example, fun because it handles well, not because it uses brute force to overcome inertia.

 It's not a very popular theme in America, where no replacement for displacement seems to be the 11th commandment. Being a student at NADC (Nashville Auto Diesel College), I run into this all the time. My classmates and I were talking about cars, and I mentioned the Mada MX-3 with the 1.8 liter V6. Lithe and light, it's a car that lives for the corners. The reaction I received was that the car sucked, when you hit the gas pedal it didn't push you back into your seat. They're the type of car nuts who would stuff a domestic V8 into a Mazda RX7, destroying the near 50/50 weight distribution in favor of horsepower.

 They have no idea what fun is to be had by taking a car near it's handling limits. Fast in a straight line is fun, for a little while, but like life itelf, there's always a curve up ahead. A two ton muscle car is subject to the same laws of physics that a Mazda Miata is, no matter how many ponies are under the hood.


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