2011 Goals

  It's time to set some goals for 2011, things that I want to accomplish in the new year.  Here's my list of twenty, we'll see how well they fare through the year.

1: DM my D&D campaign every other week.
  It's been a long time since I've regularly run a campaign.  Twenty six sessions over the year shouldn't be too hard to accomplish, I hope.

2: Run a Boot Hill adventure a couple of times.
  I've only played Boot Hill a few times over the years.  I think it would make an excellent alternate for the times we don't play D&D, something to mix things up a little.

3: Run a Gamma World adventure a few times.
  Same as above.

4: Run a Star Frontiers campaign.
  This would not be an alternative to the regular D&D campaign, but something a bit more involved.  I think it's a setting I could get my nephew interested in.  We'll see.

5: Go to a gaming convention.
  Something that I have not done in ages.  There's one or two near Nashville.

6: Post on C3 daily.
  That would be 365 posts for the year, a challenge for sure.

7: Repair the Suzuki GS250.
  Bought a little Suzuki this year, but she needs a little work to get her safely operational.  Probably happen nearer tospring.

8: Get motorcycle endorsement on driver's license.
  When Ilived in Ohio, I had my motorcycle endorsement.  After i moved to TennesseeI had stopped riding for a while, and when I transferred my DL to a TN one, they didn't transfer the endorsement.  My fault for not noticing at the time, and something that needs correcting.

9: Take a trip to Cedar Point!

10: Take a trip to Kings Island!

11: Take a trip to Holiday World!

12: Take a trip to Six Flags Over Georgia!

13: Take a trip to Beech Bend Park!

14: Take a trip to Alabama Adventure!

15: Take a trip to Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park!

16: Fix rust spot on my 1992 Toyota Paseo.
  There' a rust spot on the left rear fender.  It's gotta go!

17: Bring 1979 Mazda RX7 up to safe, running condition.
  She needs some work, and I've been putting it off.

18: Finish "The Villain".
  My project bike, a 1977 Yamaha XS750. More on her later.

19: Finish painting the kitchen.

20: Draw every day.
  I'm so out of practice with sketching, and it's something I enjoy, and need to get back into.



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