TSR 5603 Ogre And Cyclopskin Miniatures

  The mailman delivered this today, so I thought a little product review was in order.  You can still get these blister packs on eBay relatively cheap.  I wanted an ogre for an upcoming gaming session, so this was my choice.  The models are decent, with several nice touches.  The cyclopskin has some holes in his jerkin, a spike on the club (metal or bone), and a 70's mullet hairdo (just back from the disco?).  The ogre is nicely detailed as well, with a necklace featuring three skulls,  and metal shin guards (hurts when you run into them little halflings!).

  The ogre has a much better stance than the clyclopskin, who looks like he's posing for his high school yearbook photo (captain of the golf team, voted most likely to pillage).  The mold likes are fairly obvious in some spots, although that's a fairly common fault on miniatures.  I don't have a close FLGS (friendly local gaming shop), so it's nice to be able to find things like this on eBay  for $7.19 (FREE shipping!).  I'd say worth the price especially since you get both figures.

Four of Five Overall


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