How Not To Brainstorm For Ideas

  I was going to look online for some ideas on running a Star Frontiers adventure, and I came across some links to Star Trek: Voyager.  That's when I remembered that Voyager was the premiere series on UPN.
Guess they couldn't decide on one shape, so they used three?
  Whatever happened to UPN anyways?  Well, since I was surfing teh interwebs anyways, a quick google search later had my answer.  They merged with the WB network to form the CW network.  Turns out that one of my favorite stations in Cleveland, Ohio, WUAB 43, was once a UPN station.  Of course I had to google Channel 43.

  Once an independent station with their own local flavor, shows like Big Chuck and Little John, the Prize Movie with John Lanigan, and of course Superhost!
  Now, a trip to YouTube for some Superhost video nostalgia, and lo and behold, there in the related videos was a commercial for Zayre's department stores.  I hadn't thought of Zayre's in forever, it was a competitor to Kmart in Cleveland (we had no Wal-Mart in Cleveland in the 70's).  The most striking memory of Zayre's is, of course, their huge neon signs over the store, the name ZAYRE proudly lighting the darkness.  As a little kid, those signs made a huge impression on me, and anytime I see that style of typeface anywhere I remember Zayre's.
Those letters are taller than the cars!

 Eventually I might get to some ideas for Star Frontiers tonight, maybe.


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