Dodge is ending Neon production, switching to the Caliber, a mini-SUV type vehicle. Does it make any sense to replace a car with an SUV when the price of gas is so high, and won't this compete directly with the Chrysler PT Cruiser? Hello Chrysler, anybody home?

 Chevy has the Cobalt, Ford has the Focus, and now Dodge has, umm, nothing. Abandoning a whole market segment just seems dumb. If Chrysler can't make a competitive small car they should do what they have done in the past, get a captive import from Mitsubishi. Mitsu could sure use the help, and Dodge dealers really need something other than trucks and SUV's to sell if they're going to weather the upturn in gas prices. Oh well, it's been 11 years for the neon, not a bad run for a domestic nameplate.


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