Katrina Planning

 With all the blame games going on about the disaster in New Orleans, it's important to realize that this event should not have been a suprise for the local government. They have known since hurricane Georges in 1998 what the results of a worst-case scenario would be, but apparently no one planned on what to do once it happened.

 If you've ever had to go fix something that someone else messed up, you know how much harder it is than if you could have done it right from the start. That's what the federal government is now facing, fixing the situation after the local government dropped the ball. If you want to lay the blame, put it where it actually belongs, or evevn better, stop worrying about blame and just get busy helping out fixing the problem.

Washing Away, special report from the Times-Picayune, 5-part series published June 23-27,2002


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