Picture Worth A Thousand Words

 In response to Aaron's comment, it's always mystifying when one misses the point of a post entirely. Here's Aaron's comment...

Place the blame where it actually belongs? How about Bush slashing the budget for repairing levee breaches year after year, and $45M this year alone. Yes, the local government has known about this for years. That's why they've been telling the feds, for years, that they needed help fixing the levees. That's why the Army Corps of Engineers agreed with him. Bush stuck his head in the sand and now claims "no one could have know" the levees would be breached by a major hurricane. I place the blame squarely on his administration and party.

 Levees breaching is part of the worst case scenario, something the local government knew would happen, so they called for a mandatory evacuation. Over 10,000 people showed up at the Superdome to use it as a "shelter of last resort", while just a mile away were sitting these.

 Would it not have made sense to evacuate people with these, considering it was a mandatory evacuation? The estimates were over 10,000 people showing up at the 'dome, why weren't the busses lined up and taking people out of New Orleans then, instead of making them suffer. For that matter, if you didn't plan on bussing people out, why wasn't there a supply of food at the 'dome? Surely there was a supermarket they could use to get a bunch of canned goods and bottled water. I don't care what you feel for Bush, the local government failed in their job, to the point of being criminally negligent. We deserve better from our local elected officials.


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