Japan Turismo

 Coming March 15th is the 4th installment in the Gran Turismo series. Destined to be a tour de force in the video game arena, the screen shots look stunning. The Japanese version contains 709 vehicles. And that's my only problem with the game.

 The list of cars is strongly biased towards Polyphony Digital's home merket, Japan. There's little attempt to localize a version with more US models, and there are quite a few cars that should be available, but aren't.

Acura: There's no Legend, the earliest Integra is a '91 (where's the first generation?), nor is the Vigor available.

Chevrolet: Beretta, Cavalier, Impala, Monte Carlo, and the NUMMI Nova.

Chrysler: Conquest, Le Baron, Sebring.

Dodge: Colt, Daytona, Omni GLH, Shadow, Stealth.

Eagle: Firts generation Talon.

Ford: Aspire, Escort GT, EXP, Festiva, Probe, Tempo.

Geo: Storm.

Isuzu: Impulse RS AWD, Stylus, I-Mark.

Mazda: MX-3, MX6.

Mercury: FWD Cougar.

Merkur: XR4Ti.

Mitsubishi: Cordia, Eclipse 1st gen.

Nissan: NX 2000, Pulsar, Sentra SE-R.

Pontiac: Fiero!!!!!!, Grand Am, Grand Prix, Firebird.

Toyota: Corolla AE92, Corolla FX-16, Paseo, Tercel.

Volkswagen: Corrado, Scirocco.

 That's 46 cars that are readily available to any enthusiast on a budget, and would be better choices for the US market instead of cars like the Daihatsu Move, Daihatsu Midget, Mazda Carol, and Mitsubishi Minica. And does there have to be over 50 versions of the Nissan Skyline? This is the fourth game, and still no Fiero?

 It's a great series, but I'm getting tired of being offered a bunch of Japan-only models when there are so many alternatives that could be added for he US market.


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