Ugly Today. Ugly Tomorrow?

 I recently went to Pull A Part, probably the best organized junkyard I have ever seen. Sitting among the Corollas and Civics was a Datsun 200SX, one of the ugliest Datsun's ever made. And yet, it looked beautiful to me.

 Time has mellowed the initial shock of the design, and it's grown on me. There's a spunkiness to the shape, a vehicle that doesn't give a damn if you think it's pretty. Compared to the Detroit iron of the time it throws a wrench in the whole "longer, lower, wider" style direction. While it will probably never be called a classic, it's earned a spot in my cars I lust over directory, which will likely be enough to get me committed. I don't care, just like the ugly 200SX.

 Now all this thought has gotten me thinking over some of today's "special" designs. Will they too become something I can appreciate? In 2020 will I be writing an ode to the much maligned Aztek? Food for thought.


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