The Real Driving Simulator

 I've got a new toy, the Logitech GT Force Pro wheel for my Playstation 2.

 This baby is $150.00, and at first I thought I was going to take it back. I tried it with Gran Turismo 3, and was disappointed. It seemed like it was a half-second off with the steering inputs. I'd corect my line, and end up fishtailing down half the track. When I play with a regular controller, I always use the third-person view where the camera is just behind you car. It allows you t o see what the vehicle is doing, and it works pretty well. I was trying the same thing with the wheel, and it wasn't working. We changed the settings, no dice. We watched the front wheels on the car as we drove around the track slowly, and they were following out steering inputs exactly. What the hell? Then it dawned on us!

 Gran Turismo 3 also has a first person view, where you're inside the cockpit. I've never used it much as it makes the car hard to control with a standard controller. But, with the Logitech wheel, it was a match made in a Lexus factory. The car was now magically controllable, and fishtailing was now part of history. The force feedback from the wheel, which always felt like it lagged behind what was happening onscreen, was now synched perfectly. It's the closest thing to real driving I've ever felt.

 It's so good it will make you wanna' slap your mama! If you own Gran Turismo 3 you owe it to yourself to have this wheel.


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