Run What You Brung

 There are so many fine automobiles to lust after. Exotics are the pinnacle, of course, cars most mortals will never even see in person. There are plenty of normal cars that can stir an enthusiat's blood, the new Mustang, Nissan's 350Z, Mitsu's Lancer Evo, and Chevy's Corvette, to name a few. So what's one to do if you own something like a Mitsubishi Precis?

 Drive it proudly, of course. Yes, it's a shoebox on wheels with an engine that feels like it's suffering an asthma attack, but it can also be a hell of a lot of fun.

 Sign up for the SCCA, do some autocrossing, and challenge yourself. The car itself really doesn't matter, the goal is to improve yourself. Having the latest and greatest in automotive tech does not make a btter driver, skill and determination do. Take that Mitsu Precis and go attack some corners!


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