We Hardly Got To Renault You!

 The French are not very popular in the US today, and they make some quirky little automobiles that most Americans just don't understand. If you're feeling like some French motoring, but don't want to support the surrender monkeys, I've got the car for you!

 It's the Renault GTA, designed by the French but built by UAW members in Wisconsin, it's French pastry baked by Yankees. Only made for one model year, 1987, it's a truly rare vehicle. It's 2.0 liter engine puts 95 horses to the ground, not exactly awe inspiring, but from all accounts the car's a hoot to drive.

 If you actually consider purchasing a GTA, there's some things you'll need to know. Reliability, or lack of it, haunted the Renault Alliance, the basis for the GTA, which means you'll probably be doing repairs, often. Just getting the parts can be a challenge also. Are you up to it?

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