Adventures In Rhymargg Session 4, Into The Felkwood Part 1

  Emerging from the ruins of Zenopus,  our intrepid adventurers first order of business was to get aid for poor Indel, grievously wounded by an animated skeleton.  Saren the cleric suggested the local church, where the PC's were introduced to Brother Faudron, of the Temple of St. Cuthbert.  While Indels' wounds were being tended to, the group used the down time to stock up their supplies, have notices created for hirelings, and hired a town crier to also advertise for their need of hirelings.  Only Thodric the torch bearer decided to stay in the employ of our group, the other two hirelings failing a morale check and deciding to seek safer, greener pastures elsewhere.

  The next day, with Indel back in good health, our heroes ran into two old friends, Tirra the thief and her companion Auric the fighter (yes, more characters from the second incarnation of the D&D comic ads).  Lured by the treasure thus far obtained, they agreed to join the party.

  At noon, at the Five Fine Fish tavern, interviews began for the prospective hirelings.  Three men-at-arms, one Dwarf, and four bearers were waiting.  Starting with the men-at-arms, up first was Mersa, a women-at-arms.  Auric took an instant dislike to her, and when she commented that she was a better warrior than he, a challenge was decided upon.  Mersa handily defeated Auric in mock combat, and won herself a job.  She was instantly nicknamed MegaBitch for her gruff attitude.

  Relric and Unloc, brothers with Swedish accents, also won their mock combat challenge, bringing the party size up to ten.  The four bearers, Partik, Kalus, Relstad, and Samloc, were also hired, the party deciding that one could never have enough red-shirts.  Then it was the Dwarf's turn.  Valerius decided that a "midget" offered no possible use to the party, Dorin the Dwarf responding that "Long Britches" needed a lesson in manners, and proceeded to handily stomp the daylights out of Valerius, who elected to fight with only his fists to make things fair.  Every prospective hireling had been hired, something I did not expect.

  The party (now fifteen members in size!) departed for the farm of Norgard, their man-at-arms who was killed, to deliver the 50 platinum pieces to his family.  This immediately earned a morale bonus for all the hirelings, such generous treatment being a rare thing in Rhymargg.  Being on the other side of the swampy Felkwood,  it took longer to reach the farm than anticipated, and by 11 o'clock the party still had not arrived.

  Part Two tomorrow...



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